Standing with Giants: A Collection of Public Health Essays in Memoriam to Dr. Elizabeth M. Whelan

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NEW YORK - Aug. 23, 2016 - PRLog -- Standing with Giants is a collection of essays written to honor Dr. Elizabeth M. Whelan, who co-founded the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) in 1978, and acknowledge both the broad spectrum of issues she tackled and her important imprint on public health.

Beth's passion and courage caused her to take an unpopular path at the time; standing up to scaremongering by twisted consumer advocates and environmental groups who wanted to ban everything "at the drop of a rat" — that is, based on high-dose laboratory animal studies when actual human exposure was negligible. She organized scientists who saw their disciplines being hijacked and gave them a voice against the 'argument by press release' efforts of anti-science activists.

The body of work formulated by ACSH during her 37 year tenure was considerable, she was a force of science to be reckoned with, and her legacy continues to provide hope that challenging junk science activism and distinguishing science from hype remain valuable aims for legitimate consumer advocates.

The book, edited by A. Alan Moghissi, Ph.D., and Gilbert Ross, M.D., has contributions from Edmund Contoski, Jerry M. Cuttler, D.Sc.,Thomas R. DeGregori, Ph.D., Paul Driessen, Christophe G. Lambert, Ph.D., Jay Lehr, Ph.D., William M. London, Ed.D., M.P.H. and Deborah Schaeffer, A. Alan Moghissi, Ph.D., Robert L. Obenchain, Ph.D., Gilbert Ross, M.D., Sally Satel, M.D., Stephen T. Whelan, and S. Stanley Young, Ph.D.

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