Hold My Beer: March for Science Defends ISIS as 'Marginalized People'

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It's been an interesting week for people who work in public relations.

United Airlines dragged a screaming passenger off one of its planes, injuring and bloodying him in the process. Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, claimed that Hitler didn't use chemical weapons, apparently forgetting that the Nazis murdered millions of Jews in gas chambers.

Not to be outdone, the national organizers for the March for Science said, "Hold my beer, and watch this."

March for Science Defends ISIS

Today, the official March for Science Twitter account criticized the Trump Administration for bombing ISIS, claiming that the gigantic bomb we dropped on the terrorists is an "example of how science is weaponized against marginalized people."

After being mocked on Twitter, they deleted it. Unfortunately for them, Todd Myers of the Washington Policy Center screen capped it. And just like a latent herpes infection, screen caps live forever.

The March for Science justified their position by pointing to their adherence to diversity principles.

Let's pause a moment and reflect upon what ISIS terrorists do.

ISIS terrorists brutally murder anyone, including other Muslims, who do not share their perverted worldview. They behead "infidels" and oppress women. Actually, "oppression" isn't even close to the right word for it. According to The Independent, ISIS extremists rape little girls and burn women alive. They whip and stone disobedient women. The women who submit to this horrifying reality aren't even allowed to leave the house without a male relative. Life under the Islamic State is literally a living hell for women.

ISIS terrorists destroy museums, archaeological sites, and other treasures of human history. And they have turned one of the greatest inventions of modern science -- The Internet -- into a weapon of mass propaganda that recruits more sick and twisted people to its ideological war against civilization. 

That's who March for Science deems "marginalized people."

What Is Going on with the March for Science?

I've made no secret of my objections to the March for Science. From the very outset, they appeared to be a deeply unserious group of people, united by left-wing ideology and intellectual and cultural relativism. This latest episode underscores my first impression. 

Recently, I met with Miles Greb, the head of the Seattle chapter of the March for Science. Unlike the national organizers, he's fully pro-science, pro-technology, level-headed, and practical. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that we agreed on every scientific topic we discussed. He even managed to change my mind a little bit about the utility of the March for Science... until today, anyway.

It's too bad that more people like Mr. Greb aren't running the national march.