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Elasticity is one of those economic terms that concerns how willing you are to spend more for a given product.
And one more worry for the perpetually stressed.
If there's anything I enjoy more than snorkeling spending time with my wife, I can't think of it. So, off we were to Bermuda for five days of snorkeling. So we thought.
“In 1995, when Marion Nestle was on the committee drafting the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, things were run differently.
In the past, it was necessary to fill a large container, such as a trash can, with water and ice; today, companies sell a single product — the only difference being a few thousand dollars.
If we do not understand the problem, it is often difficult to achieve a solution. The author suggests that problems can be considered weak or strong-linked in this piece.
Metaphors help explain complex or foreign topics, but they have a shelf life.
If there is one thing that makes ocean lovers crazy, it is trash on the beach, and the worst kind is plastic trash.