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A new approach to mosquito control, the disparities of the gig economy – writers edition, critical economic theory?, are lawyers circling the Wuhan lab?
While developments will emerge, right now there’s not much information available about apparent problems at the Taishan nuclear power plant. Let's review what is known, and also consider its background, so we have a fuller context. And here are some educated guesses as to what might happen next.
Not since the 1980s and the rise in the use of cocaine has the nose been such an important public health organ. It has been the way COVID-19 gets into our bodies and the site of much poking and prodding from PCR testing.
Orphan crops, private equity and the closure of Hahnemann Hospital, a for-profit medical school?, and how to understand the contradictions of science.
Deriving electricity from windmills is one way to diversify our energy sources, while reducing the use of fossil fuels and making us more energy resilient. But as the Second Law of Thermodynamics points out, there's no free lunch energetically, and that includes harnessing the power of the wind.
Drinking cholera, culture wars, let's put a hydra in a blender and see what we get [spoiler alert: no organisms are harmed], the science of gerrymandering.
A walk on the beach isn't just a walk on the beach; it's also a hidden science lesson. Here are a few interesting facts that you probably aren't aware of. In celebration of Memorial Day Weekend "without" COVID.
We learn more and more every day about the bacteria, viruses, and fungi that live within us and support us. It's our own personal world: the microbiome. And researchers have identified ecologic niches with varying microbial occupants. And it seems that cities have unique microbiomes, too.
There has been a small incidence of diffuse clotting, especially in atypical body sites, like the central vein draining the brain, among some AstraZeneca and J&J COVID-19 vaccine recipients. A newly released pre-print suggests a possible underlying biologic cause.
The virus from Wuhan, can something be "partly false," Skynet is increasing real, are fungi our friends, does our soul live within our network?
What does flat pasta that forms a shape in boiling water, the over and underdiagnosis of disease, and a scientific "misunderstanding" that may have lead to many COVID-19 deaths have in common? Well, really nothing at all, other than they were all discussed, at varying lengths, in what I read this week.
Some 50 years after Martin Caiden wrote "Cyborg" and Lee Majors played "The Six Million Dollar Man" on TV, real life is converging on the once-imagined. Several companies are producing workable, commercially viable prototypes that confer on the user powers and abilities “far beyond those of conventional mortal men.” The Bionic Human, or what is known as a cyborg, has now joined the human race.