Switzerland, Hollywood, And The Rest Of Our Media Efforts Last Week

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1. Miami Herald, Asheville Courier-Tribune and Australia's News Observer covered our work on this year's flu vaccine. We may be the American Council on Science and Health, but our reach has always been international. Meanwhile, the Washington Post, Boston Globe's STAT and others were doing a giant disservice to those here at home by letting journalists with no critical thinking write about a study claiming that the flu vaccine could harm pregnant women. The paper was sheer rubbish.

Mainstream media coverage like that is good for the anti-GMO, anti-vaccine, anti-chemical triumvirate of beliefs that coagulates in activist groups but it's awful for public acceptance of science. Luckily our Dr. Julianna Lemieux was there to correct them all with her article Pregnant Moms - For God's Sake, Go and Get a Flu Shot.

2. Dr. Angela Logomasini of Competitive Enterprise Institute invoked our work on puncturing myths about flame retardants in Huffington Post and Baynet. It's really no surprise that there is no pro-science alternative to Greenpeace or Natural Resources Defense Council. Scaring people about chemicals is cheap, and therefore profitable. Despite having 1/500th their budget, we employ far more scientists. Evidence ain't cheap. But that people still believe a class of compounds which have never harmed anyone should be banned under the precautionary principle, while a house fire should become a family tragedy because they don't think their house will ever catch on fire, shows how irrational chemophobes can be.

3. Dr. Jamie Wells was on the West Coast discussing Top Secret stuff but she got a chance to visit with old friends. Did you know she was a "Double Dare" champion? Yep, and she got a chance to spend time with former host Marc Summers, who has a new movie coming out.

4. Romper linked to our work on leishmaniasis. I am not sure they really know what they are talking about (bold mine)...

"The flesh-eating virus known as leishmaniasis is the second-deadliest parasitic infection in the world, behind malaria, according to the American Council on Science and Health."

...but we appreciate the link just the same

5. Finally, Dr. Alex Berezow was flown to Switzerland to speak at the Perspectives in Cancer Prevention conference in Lausanne. No pictures, except of Lausanne. Alex is a humble guy that way.

6. If you want one of us to speak at your event or conference, please email speaking@acsh.org for honoraria and expense costs.