ACSH's Dr. Jamie Wells Debunks Myths on Infant Feeding For Fox Podcast Network

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Misperceptions abound surrounding infant nutrition and what is best for baby. Breastfeeding or formula use seems to be an area of continuous polarization and new trends like importing specific organic formulas from overseas for being so-called "more pure" or "natural" reflects a current wave.

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to do a series of interviews that will debunk some myths and assuage many concerns in an effort to support those navigating the exciting, but unpredictable world of parenthood for the Fox Podcast Network.

Here, I am recording the series with host Teresa Priolo in the Manhattan Fox 5 New York studios.

The first one addresses realities of infant feeding and identifying which current parenting trends have merit. I discuss the history of infant formula (e.g. Infant Formula Act of 1980) being a sole source of sustenance unique to other food sources and why it is so heavily regulated in the United States, along with what that means. Click this link (I come in at 23:50) to listen to the extensive discussion on newborn care and what to expect delivered in a no nonsense, down-to-earth (hopefully humorous) way.  

"Breast is Best...Right?" is the title of this episode:

Future shows include my commentary that runs the gamut from what genetic and prenatal testing has value -separating actuality from presumed panacea- to how to select a pediatrician as well as a variety of pediatric and parenting issues.