Join our directors of bio-sciences, chemistry, and medicine Cameron English, Dr. Josh Bloom, and Dr. Chuck Dinerstein as they break down these stories on episode 20 of the Science Dispatch podcast.
Now that smoking has become an aberration rather than the norm, locales that are missing their tobacco tax money seem to look for another source of revenue. Enter the tax on sugar-sweetened beverages or SSBs.
If you just read the headlines, you'd immediately run to your pantry (or wherever you keep soft drink) and pour all your diet sodas down the sink.
Soda taxes are many things. Obnoxious. Unscientific. An example of government overreach. The one thing they aren't is racist, yet precisely that case was made by Seattle Times reporter Gene Balk1. 
Busybodies in the American public, never content to leave other people alone, always seem to need a common enemy to rally against. For years, it was McDonald's. Then it was Monsanto and Big Pharma. Now, it's Big Soda.
If you get money from a corporation, are you for sale?
It's clear that obesity is a major health problem in developed countries and
The headlines about the study would have been enough to make you pretty sick, even if the soda didn t get you: examples incl
In just a few days, Diet Pepsi will no longer contain the artificial
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