Robbing America of Vaccines

"Republicans Seek to Protect Vaccine Makers"

headline from the San Francisco Chronicle/New York Times News Service, April 9, 2003

American Council on Science and Health president Dr. Elizabeth Whelan notes that since manufacturers are only being "protected" against scientifically groundless suits brought by people convinced they were made ill by vaccination (and the juries who love such stories), the headline should more accurately read:

Republicans Take Action to Ensure Development of New, Effective Vaccines

ACSH Executive and Medical Director Dr. Gilbert Ross in turn notes that headlines pooh-poohing manufacturers' liability concerns plus headlines revealing that pharmaceuticals companies are bending to political pressure and offering discounted drugs to seniors, like so...

"More Discount Drugs for Iowa Seniors"

headline from the Des Moines Register, April 8, for an article describing Novartis as the fourth major company to offer discounted drugs to eligible low-income seniors

...lead, tragically but inevitably, to headlines like this one, which are occurring at the same time (though few people seem to connect the dots):

"Some Vaccines in Short Supply"

headline from the Philadelphia Inquirer/South Florida Sun-Sentinel, April 9 , for an article explaining that the increased demand for drugs in places that have cut prices has led to drug shortages, forcing doctors to ration drugs used to combat childhood diseases

Basic economics: when price controls are used to lower prices and regulations and litigation raise companies' overhead you'll see more demand but less supply, leading to the kinds of waiting, lines, and rationing that should have been left on the ash heap of history along with the Soviet Union. Economics can't be wished away any more than the laws of physics, chemistry, and biology.


May 1, 2003

To the American Council on Science and (allegedly) Health:

Please tell Indiana Congressman Dan Burton that his child's autism was just a freak event. Or the countless other children who suffer from vaccine-caused autism at an astronomically high rate compared to previous numbers.

If you doubt my words, the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons can provide corroborating evidence. There is still mercury (thimerosal) in vaccines, even the ones given to Grandma for flu or pneumonia. No wonder we don't get new vaccines. Our wonderful health-conscious pharmaceutical companies have to get the mercury-laden ones off the shelves! Where are the price controls with vaccines? If there are any, I am the first one to say, "Get rid of them." But for God's sake, don't put any more of this poison in our children! Dwight Eisenhower warned us of the military-industrial complex. Now we see the glorious results when you let corporations run your health policy. Young people are committing suicide, out of the blue, after taking acne medications like Accutane. This chemical poisoning and killing is unforgiveable; whatever happened to "First do no harm"?

The average American citizen would have to be suicidal to even enter a doctor's office or hospital today. One of my relatives was killed by an experimental drug when she wasn't even that sick. It is nice that we are treated like disposable guinea pigs in "the land of the free."

My uncle's recent cataract operation was also botched. Now can you see why I passionately advocate better nutrition and real prevention, instead of the junk science you espouse?

And let's finally look at the statistics. At least 2 million Americans are killed yearly by doctors and hospitals; pharmaceuticals claim over 100,000. While much-maligned herbal supplements kill perhaps fifty people or less per year. Criminal behavior should be punished to the full extent of the law, instead of having injection-scarred taxpayers pay off the perpetrators.

My own illness in the early 80s, I contend, is also vaccine-related. There are just too many people with strikingly similar symptoms to dismiss this as pure chance.

Let's stand up for real science and accountability. Then we can have a real revolution in health, in which people can have confidence in their providers, by putting consumers in charge.