Acrylamide in Fried Foods Safe But Feared

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Two preliminary studies suggest that eating foods containing acrylamide, recently discovered to be common in fried foods rich in carbohydrates, does not increase the risk for several types of cancer, a scientist said Monday. The findings should calm fears brought on two years ago when Swedish scientists announced that many foods contained elevated levels of the chemical..."The amount of acrylamide generally consumed in the Swedish diet doesn't appear to be associated with a higher cancer risk," said Lorelei Mucci, of Harvard University's School of Public Health.

from a March 29 AP story by Andrew Bridges

Mr. RAPHAEL METZGER (attorney): "Cigarettes and French fries are both cancer sticks. One you smoke; the other, you eat..."

from an excellent April 19 CBS Evening News story by Bill Whitaker on the ongoing scare and lawsuit threats