Canadian University Bans Wireless Networking, Citing Health Concerns

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A Friday, February 24, 2006 article (available online to Chronicle of Higher Education subscribers) by Andrea L. Foster describes Lakehead University's fear of students getting cancer from Internet Wi-Fi signals -- but includes a note of caution from ACSH's Todd Seavey:

The university appears to be the first to cite health concerns in deciding against wireless networking.

Many technology experts, however, discount the idea that wireless networks pose serious health risks.

Todd Seavey, director of publications at the American Council on Science and Health, said that the health risks, if any, from being exposed to the electromagnetic field from a wireless network would be minuscule.

"There are a tiny handful of scientists who claim that EMF can cause harm, but they're way out of the mainstream," Mr. Seavey said in an interview on Thursday. "They've been relegated to their own obscure journals."

The council, based in New York City, is made up of scientists who believe that health and environmental public-policy decisions are too often based on unsubstantiated scientific claims. Mr. Seavey expressed his opinion on the issue on Thursday on a council blog called HealthFactsAndFears.