Scared? Know the Real Dangers

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A September 20, 2006 article by Kimberley Jace contrasts real vs. imagined or exaggerated dangers, starting a long list with a nod to ACSH:

What else is risky? The American Council on Science and Health (, a consumer education consortium, weighs in on these dangers.

Perceived danger: School shootings.

Students bring guns to school and kill classmates and teachers as they did at Columbine High School in Colorado.

Real danger: Reckless behavior.

Youth homicide rates have declined by 30% in the last decade. Statistics show school-aged children and teens are in much more danger of sexually transmitted diseases, alcoholism, and deadly car crashes.

Perceived danger: Workplace shootings.

A disgruntled coworker shows up at the workplace with a gun, seeking revenge.

Real danger: Workplace hazards.

The real hazards on the job are unsafe work conditions that have killed thousands and injured millions.

Perceived danger: Road rage.

You accidentally cut off another driver, he's armed and he becomes murderous.

Real danger: Drunken driving.

Drivers under the influence of drugs and alcohol kill and injure thousands of people each year...