Scientists Weigh in on Faulty Celebrity Health Claims

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 New York, NY -- January 14, 2008. When it comes to health issues, who should you trust to give you the truth: celebrities or scientists?

When celebrities weigh in on important health issues, the public takes notice. However, all too often their statements are incorrect. The American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) weighs in on one celebrity-touted myth after another in the new publication Celebrities vs. Science.

ACSH scientists explain the medical truths behind the most recent celebrity health quotes:

Paul McCartney's misguided comments on animal testing

Sheryl Crow's claims about the "danger" of heated plastic

Arnold Schwarzenegger's alarmist assertions about phthalates

Tom Cruise's denial of chemical treatments for mental illness

On these and many other celebrity errors -- from RFK Jr., Jenny McCarthy, and more -- ACSH sets the record straight -- by having one scientist in each relevant area of study reply to each celebrity claim and explain where it went wrong.

"We value movie stars and musicians for their entertainment value, not their scientific expertise," said Dr. Elizabeth Whelan, president and founder of ACSH.

Dr. Elizabeth Whelan and ACSH associate director Jeff Stier are available for interviews, and Celebrities vs. Science is available at

Dr. Elizabeth Whelan at or at 212-362-7044 x228.
Jeff Stier at or at 212-362-7044 x225 or 646-245-1443.