Unproven Care For Veterans

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The House Committee on Veterans' Affairs recently approved a bill requiring the VA to expand veterans' access to chiropractic care at VA medical centers the House is expected to vote on the bill this week.

According to ACSH s Jeff Stier, taxpayers should be concerned because they may soon have to pay for chiropractic care for veterans a troubling development, since overall, chiropractry is not part of mainstream medicine.

Stier has previously written about efforts to spend federal tax dollars on unscientific medical treatments. Last November, in a New York Post op-ed titled Taxpayer-paid prayer? he lambasted a provision in the health care plan that would have required medical insurance companies to cover religious and spiritual health care. That provision was not a part of the final legislation.

Regarding the current chiropractry debate, Stier says, Now that the federal government is expanding its involvement in healthcare, this does not bode well for how scientific evidence will be used as the basis for appropriate coverage."