Dispatch: CNN: Channeling Nonsense News

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In another obscure story from the CNN newsroom, anchor Fredricka Whitfield on Saturday asked Dr. Ava Shamban, a Las Vegas dermatologist, which ingredients consumers should avoid in their toothpaste or shampoo. Dr. Shamban showed proclivity for sophistry by responding that “there is absolutely an epidemic of cancer in this country, and we don’t know what contribution all of these products that we use to make yourself more beautiful or to brush our teeth — what they’re doing to us internally.”

“Somebody needs to tell Dr. Shamban that there is no cancer epidemic in this country since cancer incidence and mortality rates are actually decreasing,” points out ACSH's Dr. Gilbert Ross. “She can rest assured that when she’s brushing her teeth or shampooing her hair, she’s not killing herself with insidious chemicals.”

Instead of a seat at the ACSH table, staffers would like to offer Dr. Shamban a seat in our soundproof chamber where her junk science claims would hopefully be muted.