Leave Heigl alone, vaping never hurt anyone

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Haters of the e-cigarette are quick to chastise actress Kathryn Heigl for continuing to vape nine months after switching from traditional cigarettes. A Daily Mail article, which chooses to nickname the nicotine delivery device a “smokestick,” voices the views of the strongest opponents of harm reduction with a tone that implies “see, e-cigarettes are so addictive, Ms. Heigl can’t quit them, either.”

ACSH’s response: Why criticize her? “She’s been unable to quit smoking with all of the other approved smoking cessation methods, but by smoking an e-cigarette, she has managed to abstain from the much more dangerous cigarettes,” says ACSH's Dr. Gilbert Ross. “Her health risks from vaping are next to zero, and she is neither injuring herself nor others by continuing to use the e-cigarette.”

Congratulations on kicking the butt, Kathryn Heigl!