Fake reasoning for reducing Ben & Jerry s in diet

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ACSH staffers were not surprised to learn that National Action Against Obesity president MeMe Roth is on another junk food rampage, this time targeting Ben & Jerry s ice cream. She told Fox Business yesterday that the all-natural labeling challenged by the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is as fake as the food found in 90 percent of the ice cream flavors ¦If it s fake, it s not really food. Period.

Whether it is natural or not is not the issue, says ACSH's Jeff Stier. It is a premium ice cream because it has a lot of fat. The message should be to enjoy it in moderation and limit your consumption overall because of the fat and calorie content, not because of the unnatural ingredients. MeMe Roth says we should only eat Ben & Jerry s twice a year but we should be able to indulge a little more often than that, whether it s natural or not.