Hershey s & Michelle Obama Call For Moderation In Diet

Hershey s is collaborating with the American Dietetic Association to jumpstart their Moderation Nation initiative, which aims to provide consumers with subsidized access to registered dietitians in the hopes of fighting obesity through a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

ACSH compliments The Hershey Center for Health & Nutrition for funding the campaign. The food industry has to be a player in the fight against obesity, says ACSH's Dr. Elizabeth Whelan.

ACSH's Jeff Stier suspects that anti-corporation activists such as NYU s Marion Nestle, who brought the kickoff of the program to his attention on Twitter, are against such collaborations, but asks, what s wrong with funding an eating-in-moderation campaign?

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama asked restaurants to offer healthier meal options to their menus, given estimates that one-third of consumer meals come from restaurants.

The message being sent by Moderation Nation essentially parallels Michelle Obama s suggestion that restaurants use low calorie ingredients such as low-fat milk in their recipes and add more fruit and veggie options in their menus, ACSH's Dr. Gilbert Ross points out. Folks who support her message should have no problem with Moderation Nation because they both encourage consumers to balance their diet and live a healthier lifestyle.

But we don t need Michelle Obama to tell the food industry this again, argues Stier. If customers demand reduced-calorie menu options, they will provide it to them. The parents trying to convince their kids to eat more fruits and veggies should be her audience, not the restaurants.