European regulators again deem BPA safe

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Following what it calls a “detailed and comprehensive review of recent scientific literature and studies,” the European Food Safety Authority has again found no reason to revise safety standards for low-dose exposure to bisphenol A (BPA). This was the agency’s third review on the subject, carried out at the request of the European Commission; it also carried out reviews in 2006 and 2008.

The panel’s members acknowledged that “some recent studies report adverse effects on animals exposed to BPA during development” at exposures below the current safety threshold, but noted that “these studies have many shortcomings” and “the relevance of these findings for human health cannot be assessed.”

“It’s another confirmation of BPA’s safety, in spite of all the hysteria floating around about it,” says Dr. Whelan. “Nevertheless, the anti-chemical blogosphere will continue to falsely assert that all the studies showing that BPA is safe are ‘industry-funded,’ and therefore lack credibility. They fail to note that every governmental scientific assessment worldwide has also deemed BPA safe.”