Fran Drescher embarks on anti-chemical cosmetics crusade

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In her role in the 1997 movie The Beautician and the Beast, actress Fran Drescher plays a New York cosmetologist who is mistakenly thought to be a science teacher. It seems that life imitates art, as Ms. Drescher is embarking on a “scientific” crusade by lending her name to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, an activist organization dedicated to scaring the public about the so-called carcinogens they’ll find in cosmetic products., a blog devoted to exposing hypocrites in the media, is ridiculing Ms. Drescher’s stance against cosmetics, noting her new line of “FranBrand” beauty products contain ingredients like retinyl palmitate and phenoxyehtanol. Ironically, these were all classified as carcinogens on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep website.

“Her products have chemicals in them, which according to’s writer and the Environmental Working Group, makes them unsafe,” said ACSH’s Dr. Gilbert Ross. “They fail to understand that we are all made of chemicals, and our food is made of chemicals. Further, no one has ever shown any actual risk of harm from the regular use of cosmetics. EWG and their various lists of dangers are meant solely to scare us and gain adherents for their anti-chemical, anti-business agenda.”

We’d respect you so much more, Ms. Drescher, if you’d stick to raising Mr. Sheffield’s kids on The Nanny, instead of creating a needless lipstick scare.