Tobacco Harm Reduction meetings

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At the American Council on Science and Health, we promote the benefits of Tobacco Harm Reduction in helping smokers quit. Our own research on this subject, published in the Harm Reduction Journal, as well as many others studies and epidemiological data, support our assertion that the methodologies comprising THR the substitution of low-risk tobacco and nicotine-delivery products for lethal cigarettes have significant potential benefits in terms of reducing the tragic toll of cigarette smoking by supplying addicted smokers with the substance they crave nicotine but at a much reduced cost in terms of adverse health effects.

A series of proposals to look into the potential benefits of THR are being considered over the next few weeks in several state legislatures and committees. A meeting in Iowa is taking place today, February 20th. Similar hearings are scheduled for North Dakota on February 28th and New Jersey on March 7th.

Also of note, similar measures were discussed in Kansas and Indiana last year. The Kansas measure passed the committee but the legislative session expired. ACSH submitted statements supporting these measures in both states then, and has submitted one to the Iowa House this week as well.