Battling the bulge - the war rages on for Americans


When it comes to nutrition, Americans are finding themselves in quite a pickle. Jane E. Brody s article Many Fronts in Fighting Obesity published in The New York Times on Monday does a fantastic job of explaining the factors that are contributing to this epidemic. Her article points out the importance of recognizing why and how the public is increasing their caloric intake and becoming increasingly unhealthy, without thinking twice. From larger restaurant portions to the process of evolution, Brody s article tackles some factors worth thinking about when it comes to the health of people in this country.

ACSH is also in agreement with her statement that simply focusing on sugar will do little to quell the rising epidemic of obesity. However, we do have to point out that her focus on high-fructose corn syrup is incorrect and that in fact, high-fructose corn syrup and table sugar have essentially the same composition and thus have the same effects on body weight and metabolism. You can read more about high-fructose corn syrup here. And while you re at it, give Jane Brody s piece a read as well.