Is the wholesome food movement a whole lotta baloney?

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mag-issue-largeACSH wishes to bring to the attention of its readers a feature article published in this month s The Atlantic, How Junk Food Can End Obesity. Although it is somewhat lengthy, it is nonetheless a must-read. The refreshingly sensible article by David H. Freeman dispels popular myths about sugar, fats, salt, carbohydrates and many of the popular tenets of the whole foods movement that perpetuates the belief that everything natural, or organic, is naturally better.

The article methodically tackles claims made in recent articles and books published by advocates against the so-called processed/junk food industrialized complex including well-known columnists such as the NY Times Mark Bittman and Gary Taubes, best selling authors Michael Moss and Melanie Warner, and journalist Michael Pollan -- and thoroughly dissects their unscientific arguments and claims, leaving one to wonder how a misled public could be so gullible.

ACSH s Dr. Ruth Kava had this perspective: This article definitely echoes ACSH s many years of pointing out how demonizing a particular food or industry will not solve the obesity problem and for that alone we applaud the author.

Further, Mr. Freeman explains how many in the demonized industrialized food complex have been working quietly over the years on the public s behalf to improve menu selections, shrink portion sizes, reduce fats, and offer healthy choices and cost effective alternatives that still make it possible to have it your way. You deserve a break today, so curl up and enjoy this page-turning must-read!