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By now, you have probably seen the headlines asserting that some 13% of Americans have a food addiction to “highly-processed foods.” That number is a result of a poll – not an objective study – but this spotlight provides an opportunity to discuss what we know – and don’t know – about food addiction.
Ordering diet soda significantly reduces the number of calories customers eat when they visit fast food restaurants, according to a recent study. The paper is an example of scientists reaching the right conclusion for the wrong reasons.
A study from the Commonwealth countries indicates that it will take two weeks longer to get pregnant if you eat fast food. Huh? And you can save yourself a week or so by eating fruit, not vegetables. Really? And, no surprise, It goes without saying that this incomplete study came complete with grievous limitations.
The next time you make your way to a chain restaurant for a quick fix, don't utter the words "fast food." The phrase is dying. Enter "fast casual" and "fast crafted." The food itself isn't going anywhere, but re-branding it is now necessary since it's become so unpopular. Here are some other foolishly-named products down through the years.
American kids are getting 12 percent of their calories everyday from fast food, and one third of them eat fast food offerings each day, according to recent news stories. This may sound troubling from a public-health perspective, but upon closer inspection, these data aren't all that concerning.
The so-called War on Fast Food has not been the healthcare boon that overzealous regulators anticipated it would be. But that hasn't stopped them from trying, and their latest endeavor is more of the same ineffective thinking, as a New York City lawmaker tries to clamp down on Happy Meals.
A new study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that eating at a full-service restaurant is no better for your health than eating at a fast food joint. In fact, in some cases, a full-service restaurant is less healthy.
Fast food often gets a bad reputation, but the solution to the obesity epidemic does not involve limiting fast food restaurants. According to new
What appears to be a big decision by McDonald s to keep using their current potatoes rather than switch to GM potatoes turns out to be, at least scientifically, no decision at all. This is because on this particular
Although the 2004 documentary by Morgan Spurlock blamed his 30-day Mickey-D diet for a decline in health and increased weight, we have shown that it s possible to eat at McDonald s for 30 days and actually improve health for both men and women. Now that conclusion has been further substantiated by Mr. John Cisna of Akeny, Iowa.
Last week The New York Times reported that fast food giant Burger King has developed a new coating for its French fries. The new coating will render their potatoes less able to absorb fat, and thus calories, when they are deep-fried. And today McDonald s announced far-reaching changes in its menus
ACSH wishes to bring to the attention of its readers a feature article published in this month s The Atlantic, How Junk Food Can End Obesity. Although it is somewhat lengthy, it is nonetheless a must-read.