Does your Halloween costume contain flame-retardants? It should!

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903401_24198219Halloween is right around the corner and we re sure you ve been thinking about costumes and candy, pumpkins and haunted houses. However, safety is also something that can be forgotten on Halloween. But here s one way you can make sure to keep you and your kids safe: Make sure your costumes are made from materials containing flame retardants or use material that will not set on fire should it come into contact with an open flame.

Flame-retardant chemicals have been attacked repeatedly by environmental activists and regulators who claim that these chemicals are toxic, despite the fact that they have never been shown to be harmful to anyone. In fact, it s just the opposite these chemicals have reduced dangerous fire risks and have saved lives. You can read more about the safety of flame-retardants here.

According to the local fire marshal in Orange, CT, flame retardant costumes are a must this Halloween. He says, Halloween should be a fun and happy time for all. Children look forward to dressing up in cool or scary costumes, visiting neighborhood homes for Trick or Treat or attending parties, school functions or community events. However, in the excitement of the holiday, one can become less careful and more prone to accidents and injuries. Planning ahead and taking fire safety precautions can help prevent an injury or tragedy.

We here at the American Council on Science and Health are in complete agreement. Enjoy your Halloween, but make sure you listen to this important precaution.