Flame retardants

A viral video by "Attn:", an activist website that produces extremely popular segments, is spreading lies about food processing in the United States and Europe. Don't fall for it.
Is chemophobia the fear of chemicals promoted by the forces of ignorance among the majority of Americans who are scientifically-naive on the threshold of winning the war? The past week gives disturbing indications that science is on the retreat.
Chemicals found in moms and kids, screams the headline! There is nothing new. This time, the news comes from an article in the Chicago Tribune written by Michael Hawthorne. News is a stretch, since this has been going on forever, with the same arguments being recycled over and over.
Shouldn t the NYTimes Science section concern itself with, you know, science? Yet here s another toxic alarm from a well-known purveyor of scares about hypothetical chemical threats: this time it s flame retardants, again.
The period known as March Madness is almost over as the Kentucky men s and the Notre Dame women s basketball teams both prepare to take on UCONN. And of course, as with many major sporting
Here's a countdown of the top 13 health scares of 2013!
With Halloween just around the corner, here s something to think about when trying to figure out the last touches on you or your child s costume. You may think it looks real cool to have crazy-looking eyes in
Halloween is right around the corner and we re sure you ve been thinking about costumes and candy, pumpkins and haunted houses. However, safety is also something that can be forgotten on Halloween. But here s one way you can make sure to keep you and your kids safe: Make sure your costumes are made from materials containing
It s that time of year again. Summer s over, and school is starting again. And with this new year comes another (predictable) chance for activist groups posing as scientific experts to scare parents