Substitute the word "Halloween" for any celebratory event and pervasive worry-lists abound. Fun also matters.
While kids look forward to Halloween because of the candy, some people just cannot let them have fun without ruining it. Opponents of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, use this carefree event to scare parents about what their children are eating.
When misguided "healthy" Halloween restrictions do nothing to combat obesity, but do everything to steal joy. 
An uptick in catastrophes involving fingers and hands occurs every year as our digits navigate the treacherous time between Halloween and Christmas. Who knew pumpkin carving and opening gifts could be such a minefield? Here's what you need to know.
With Halloween just around the corner, here s something to think about when trying to figure out the last touches on you or your child s costume. You may think it looks real cool to have crazy-looking eyes in
Halloween is right around the corner and we re sure you ve been thinking about costumes and candy, pumpkins and haunted houses. However, safety is also something that can be forgotten on Halloween. But here s one way you can make sure to keep you and your kids safe: Make sure your costumes are made from materials containing