New Hampshire votes against mandatory labeling of GMO-containing foods

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 1.45.33 PMAnother attempt at requiring labeling of genetically modified foods has been defeated, this time in New Hampshire. The bill, which would have required all foods that contain products of genetic engineering to be labeled, was voted on in New Hampshire s House on Wednesday and was defeated by a vote of 185 to 162.

According to some House members, much of the support for this bill came from those who mistakenly believe that there are health risks associated with GMOs. House members point out that these health concerns are not warranted and GMO foods have been determined safe by the Food and Drug Administration. We would add that 17 years of safe use and consumption of millions of bushels and tons of GMO products also lend credence to their safety.

And Representative Linda Lauer adds, The reality is most of us are living every day with the benefits of genetic engineering. She highlights the example of insulin, which has been genetically engineered since 1982. Previously it was taken from farm animals.

Furthermore, other house members point to the fact that the state would not have been able to enforce the bill, due to the fact that New Hampshire would not be able to control products coming in from other states. As Representative Bob Haefner says, This is a federal issue. It is not a state issue.

ACSH s Dr. Ruth Kava has commented on these attempted bills in the past saying, While the idea of people having the right to know what s in their food has simplicity on its side, it really makes zero sense: we do not know everything that s in our food, do we? She also adds, For those people who really don t want to consume GMOs, they can find out which products have GMO ingredients easily enough. Companies seeking the patronage of GMO-fearing consumers already label their products?