Biotech crops on the rise gradually but surely overcoming phony fears

Golden RiceAccording to a recent report, since 1996 there have been over 5 billion acres of biotech crops harvested. And not only do these crops provide food for millions, they also reduce the use of pesticides, can add nutritional value to foods, and, according to some studies, reduce the release of greenhouse gases as well.

In spite of such benefits, the anti-GMO crowd continues to promote false and misleading disinformation about bioengineered crops. They ignore the fact that humans have been modifying the genetics of both food crops and animals ever since agriculture began some 10,000 years ago. Now, thanks to modern biotechnology, we have the ability to more accurately and efficiently make and monitor such changes than ever before.

There has never been any substantiated, scientifically sound evidence that bioengineered crops threaten the health of people or animals consuming them, or that they cause environmental damage. says ACSH s Dr. Ruth Kava. Indeed, she continues, such crops have the potential to increase food crop production, while protecting marginal lands from cultivation. As the world population continues to expand, we will increasingly need these crops to meet the growing need.

For more information about bioengineered crops, read ACSH s recent publication on agricultural biotechnology here.