The Food Boob gets it all wrong. What a surprise.

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1439838_88563868Last week, we discussed the infamous Food Boob s opinions regarding what kind of chocolate you should eat because some is toxic. Of course, the only kind of chocolate you should buy is organic, GMO-free. Too bad everything she says is dead wrong, a fact clearly illustrated in Dr. Josh Bloom s latest piece on Science 2.0, Happy Halloween From The Food Boob .

In his piece, he cleverly points out the fallacies in her arguments including the fact that there is no difference between artificial vanilla and real vanilla, that GMOs are safe and that the sugar that comes from GM beets is identical in every way to that sugar that comes from non-GM beets.

He concludes, On the AdvertisingAge website, she says, "I've never said I was a scientist or a nutritionist, but I don't think you need to have those degrees to be intellectually honest, to be able to research, to be able to present ideas."

To which he responds, So there is the message. You can have no idea what the hell you're talking about, no science, medical, or even nutritional training, and you can present ideas that people then follow like [mentally challenged] sheep.

And apparently we re not the only ones who haven t been fooled by her quackery. On a recent visit to the University of Florida where the Food Boob discussed everything from labeling GMOs to how she strong-armed Chick-fil-A, Budweiser and Subway into reformulating their products, students actually got up and left throughout her presentation. They apparently were not enamored by her failure to discuss actual scientific facts or to respond to questions such as Why am I blocked from posting hard science facts to your websites? or What is your evidence for higher pesticide rates? among others. A University of Florida professor concludes, She's afraid of science and intellectual engagement. She's Oz candy at best.

We couldn t agree more.