Sen. Durbin Supports GMOs; Challenges Critics for Proof

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153697219It's too rare that we find a government official actually standing up for science, so we felt that we must point to a recent example. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) spoke this week on Illinois radio (WBGZ) in response to anti-GMOers who want to mandate the labeling of GMOs by the state because they think such genetically engineered foods aren't safe. The senator pointed out that while some decry those who deny the science evidence about climate change, they feel quite comfortable denying the evidence that genetically engineered food is safe.

"When it comes to GMOs, I've said to the people that are fearful of them and who want to be labeling, show me the science behind your position," Durbin said, "and if you can show me that kind of scientific support for your position, I'll be listening. They haven't produced it yet."

ACSH's senior nutrition fellow, Dr. Ruth Kava applauded the senator's stance.

"I wish that more government officials would be so clear about and supportive of the science behind genetic engineering of foods," she said. "There's no way such products pose a risk to human health. In addition, allowing individual states to mandate labeling would provide a plethora of different standards that would be both problematic for the food industry and confusing for consumers."

Accurate scientific information about agricultural biotechnology can be found in the ACSH publication, Food and You.