ACSH's Top 5 Health Tips of 2015

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It's been a banner year here at The American Council on Science and Health and we have been here to help you to point out the real science that helped you stay healthy all year long!

Here are our top 5 health tips from the previous year!

5. Flu or Cold? Here s How You Can Tell Them Apart

shutterstock_217068745Is it just a cold, or is it something more serious like the flu? The difference is important and can be lifesaving. Our director of medicine Dr. Lila Abassi wrote about how to tell the difference.

4. Stop Smoking Today for the Great American Smokeout

The third Thursday in November is the Great American Smokeout and since our founding in 1978, the Council has campaigned against smoking on that day, as well as on the other 364 each year. This year was no difference! Gums, patches, e-cigarettes, even hypnosis, whatever works to help you quit we stand by!

3. Americans Still Aren t Wearing Sunscreen

We reported on a particularly unsettling findings that found far too many Americans weren't wearing sunscreen. Somehow NGOs like the Environmental Working Group are screaming so loud about the fake dangers of sunscreen, while completely ignoring the very real dangers of melanoma.

2. Sex Talk is Never Comfortable

The "sex talk" with a child will never be fun or comfortable, but thats not a reason to forgo it. Its important and as mounting data finds, the talk is vital to a child's development and health. So go ahead and just do it!

1. 7 Easy Steps to Loving Your Colonoscopy

shutterstock_205263220Speaking of uncomfortable, our Director of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Josh Bloom breaks down many misconceptions about getting a colonoscopy. It may be a dirty business, but it just may save your life. So go on drink the "milk of amnesia" and get checked out!

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