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The Demographic Implications of Using Birth Control to Combat Zika

Oxford University s director of medical ethics, Dominic Wilkinson, argued that birth control is a key way of tackling the Zika virus s apparently devastating effects on unborn children a strategy that comes with the extra benefit of meeting the need for reproductive health across much of the affected areas.

However, although this approach might be one solution to a medical issue, it doesn t consider the demographic implications of delaying pregnancy on such an unprecedented scale some of which could have a significant impact on people and societies.

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Drax power station by Jonathan Kershaw, CC BY

Environmental Irony: UK Burns Wood Imported From America To Meet Renewables Goals

Now that environmentalists have gotten what they paid for - coal is on the way out - they have again turned on a renewables market they lobbied to create.

Britain has a wood renewables market to help meet environmental targets and the free market is doing an end run around penalties related to cheap energy that NGOs have tried to create. Sound confusing? Welcome to politicization of science. In order to qualify for credits, it is cheaper for biomass burners to import wood from all the way over in the United States, ship it on emissions-belching boats, and then burn it, with all of that pollution going into the atmosphere.

NRDC, Greenpeace, Union of Concerned Scientists and other anti-science groups are predictably outraged that biomass burners are doing exactly what they are allowed to do.

If only there was a much cleaner burning source of fuel, something like natural gas. Oh wait, there is, but the environmentalists who used to love that also turned on it once it became cost-effective and we weren't forced back to the Dark Ages.

Munchies Paradox: Marijuana Users Have Less Metabolic Syndrome

Marijuana is the most commonly used non-legal drug in America, and it is well-known that stoned people like to eat. They 'get the munchies', the saying goes.

Inference: You should probably get fat if you continue to smoke marijuana into old age.

Not so, finds a new study. Instead, the metabolic syndrome in marijuana users, young and old, is substantially less.