Weekend Update: Deserving 'The Support of Well-Meaning People'

By Hank Campbell — Apr 11, 2016
Some of the top health stories making news over the last 48 hours.

1. In good news - for men anyway - the International Business Times used our article to discuss how more orgasms are correlated to less prostate cancer. You're welcome.

2. Michael Pollan continues to be the insufferable, elitist twit everyone on the evidence-based side of culture has long known he is. This picture, courtesy of The Chow Babe, sums up why he is a terrible ally for anyone who claims to care about food or poor people.

michael pollan insufferable

How can he be so wrong-headed, misguided and just plain stupid about agriculture? Here's why:

eisenhower farming

3. In an article called "Fighting Junk Science", Norman Rogers at American Thinker wrote, "The American Council on Science and Health has been fighting junk science since 1978 and deserves the support of well-meaning people."

We couldn't agree more. The odd thing about being pro-science is that everyone assumes someone else must be funding it. Corporations or whoever. In reality, corporations don't fund external science groups because they have internal marketing departments that prefer to use public relations companies and traditional advertising they can control. 99.9 percent of our donors are individuals.

Obviously we'll take unrestricted grants from anyone who will send them and we get generous support from foundations and also from some companies, but don't assume someone else must be helping. The lack of a "bystander effect" among the anti-science community is why groups like Natural Resources Defense Council have $300,000,000 in the bank while there is no comparable pro-science group the size of them, much less a true corporate behemoth like Greenpeace. If you like what we do, don't be a bystander and make a tax-deductible contribution.