What You Missed This Weekend

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1. Leave it to the weird health and science group at Consumers Union to declare not only that acrylamide causes cancer, but that they know how to prevent it.

Is there some ancient mystical secret they discovered in Shambala? They may think so, it could explain why Dr. Oz loves having them on the show to claim GMOs are harmful and organic food is nutritionally superior.

Consumer Reports is still great for knowing which toaster to buy, but when it comes to science and health, they have long been firmly on the side that puts hyperbole over evidence.

2. Researchers have reported using CRISPR to remove HIV DNA in live animals for the first time. In Gene Therapy, rodents were engineered to have HIV DNA incorporated into the genome of every cell and were treated with a CRISPR-Cas9 system designed to target a segment of the virus. After two weeks, viral DNA had been successfully targeted in all of the mouse tissue types.

3. Reviva Labs told to stop claiming cosmetics plump skin, regenerate collagen and lighten age spots - unless, at some point, they actually provide evidence it does any of those things. The FDA said it had issued a warning letter to Reviva Labs over eight different products that also claim to clear up acne-prone oily skin, erase spider veins and help eradicate bruises.

If only the government required the supplements industry, alternative medicine and then fringe stuff like homeopathy to follow the same guidelines.