'Super-Food' Blogger, Known as 'Avocado,' Acts Like a Nut

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In a contest of charlatans, David Avocado Wolfe is taking a very strong lead - Usain Bolt style - due to both the bizarre nature of his ideas and the sheer number of subjects that he comments on - from food to physics. 

Let's start with his own description of himself - from his website. He writes, "David “Avocado” Wolfe is the rock star and Indiana Jones of the superfoods and longevity universe." Now that we know that we're dealing with someone who doesn't exaggerate or overinflate things, let's focus on the ideas that he promotes. 

In his wacky beliefs, Wolfe really leaves no stone unturned. In learning about some of the things that he has said, it seems as though he is a tried and true science contrarian. Meaning, if there is something shown to be scientifically proven, he rejects it. For example, he denies scientific dogma by having a problem with gravity. Also, he is a "flat Earther." I did not realize that that still exists, but, it means just what it says - he thinks the Earth is flat.

As far as his diet - Wolfe is a 'raw foodist' meaning that he is against cooking. 

He thinks that mushrooms have intelligence and consciousness. 

He considers chocolate an octave of male sun energy. 

He also thinks that ocean water is salty so that it will stay on the Earth. 

On a blog written by a young woman who spent a weekend on a retreat with Wolfe, the article "Raw in the Woods with David Wolfe" describes how Wolfe started the weekend. 

"David Wolfe introduced the tone of the weekend by asking one of the attendees to pass him her shoes. He held one up and pointed out that we have accepted that wearing shoes is okay and asked us if we knew that it was. He explained that being in touch with the earth, sole to soul if you will, is the best way to stay grounded. The discussions and forest walk that followed would force all of us to question what we think of as being okay."

Shoes, David? You're against shoes? No - shoes are ok. They just are. I mean, if I attempted my commute to work without shoes for even one day, I would step in dog feces, vomit, urine and whatever else I may find on the streets of NYC. Shoes serve a purpose. As does cooking food.  

And what anti-science nut wouldn’t be complete without their own online store? Wolfe's Longevity Warehouse is a place to order only the best adrenal tonics, Earthing blankets, levitational deer antler spray and any other useless crap - I mean health supplements - you may need.

Not that this will come as a surprise at this point, but, he is also against vaccines - continuing to promote a dangerous idea that puts many people at risk for contracting infectious diseases. In that arena, Wolfe goes from nutty to dangerous. He has an incredibly large following of over 10 million followers of his facebook page which puts him somewhere between USA Today (8 million) and Lady Gaga (61 Million).

Let's be clear - if 10 million people want to buy Earthing blankets - no problem. But, when 10 million people think that this raw vegetable eating, gravity denying, spokesman for the Nutribullet may have a point when he spews nonsense about vaccines - well, that's a major problem.

David Avocado Wolfe is so out there, so wacky, so full of misinformation - he makes other quacks like Dr. Oz and the Food Babe look as pro-science as the staff at the American Council on Science and Health.

I actually hope that his anti-gravity, flat Earthing wackiness keeps coming through loud and clear. Because maybe, just maybe, it will make people think twice about his anti-vaxx message. Unless you agree with Wolfe that the Earth is flat, please think twice about following his messages about vaccines. Because the idea that vaccines are dangerous is as ridiculous as all of his other kooky ideas.