David Avocado Wolfe

Another product for suckers. Bulletproof-360 Coffee, brought to you by David (Avocado) Wolfe, easily one of the most annoying people on the planet. Does it really work? Will you really be bulletproof? Enough so to piss off narcoterrorists just to see what happens? Oh, and the company has had two products recalled in the past seven months. Maybe not such a good idea after all.
The Biohacker Summit, the largest event of its kind in Europe which promotes DIY bio- and citizen-science, dis-invited David Avocado Wolfe from speaking. In doing so, officials there not only secured a win for the pro-science community, they also rejected the wacky pseudoscience that Wolfe, and his ilk, promotes. 
In the race of charlatans, David Avocado Wolfe is taking a very strong lead – Usain Bolt style, actually – due to both the bizarre nature of his ideas and the expanse of his subjects. Unfortunately, with a Facebook following 10 million strong, the audience for his anti-science ideas is large and it's listening attentively.