12 Days of Christmas

On the 12th Day of Christmas ACSH gave to me 12 swimmers cupping....  
Borrowing a traditions from the Chinese, 2016 could be rightly be called "The Year of the Joint." Restrictions on marijuana are melting away in individual states, but not at the federal level. The Council weighed in on this, and more.
You better hope that Santa doesn't leave you lipstick under the tree. Because if he does, according to the Environmental Working Group, you'll never see Easter.
Chiropractors appear to have a "you have it, we treat it" type of philosophy. That makes us question the validity of their far-out claims and wonder about the evidence that's supposed to support their statements. And we are not alone.
To start the second week of our Christmas song, we're presenting seven wacky weight-loss diets — ranging from blood types to tapeworms — that have all reached fad proportions at some point. Read them ... and avoid them!
More vaccinations mean fewer people are getting preventable diseases. But 2016 was a year filled with the fervor of the anti-vaxxer movement. And alarmingly, that dangerous zeal for stopping this effective public health measure, which helps save the lives of children, looks like it is ramping up as we head into 2017. 
Continuing our 12 Days of Christmas series, we dedicate Day 5 to homeopathic products – which can be found in the aisles of almost every pharmacy. However, over the course of this past year, one in particular found itself more and more in the news – and less and less on the shelves.
To kick off our "12 Days of Christmas" holiday list, highlighting the top stories that we've debunked this year, we start with ... the perennial nuisance, the National Resources Defense Council. Those folks made our 2016 list because they just love scaring people over nothing. Here are a few examples.