That quote was from the coordinator of the WHO’s food safety division, who, as it turns out, was perhaps a bit hyperbolic in his concerns. But those concerns echoed globally.

In their latest move to protect consumers from deadly chemicals that aren't deadly, the member states of the European Union have voted to set legal limits on the amount of a

Here we go again. Considering that there are literally thousands of chemicals out there to pick on, one wonders why we keep seeing scaremongers return again and again to the old ones. Case in point: acrylamide.

It is nothing short of amazing that we are still alive, or at the very least, don't all have cancer.

1441131_78497659The USDA approved for commercial sale the Innate

1136161_59851659Hasn t the European Union s European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) ever heard the (very) old adage t