alcohol consumption

In 2012, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed that to reduce obesity, the city would prohibit the sale of any sugar-containing beverage in containers greater than 16 ounces. A new study looks at a similar approach to improving public health in the U.K., by reducing the size of a glass of wine. It found that size matters – sort of.
In this radio interview, Lars Larson and I discussed overeating and over-imbibing during the holidays, particularly focusing on the phenomenon known as "Holiday Heart Syndrome."
You best get your drink on this week, while beer and wine consumption is good for you! Over the years, there have mixed results on alcohol consumption and benefits to the body. This week, having two glasses of beer or wine could cut one's risk of premature mortality by 18 percent. At least that's the conclusion from one study which studied the habits of people who live past their 90s, since 2003. 
An analysis of 87 studies squashed the notion that moderate consumption of alcohol (including wine) has any benefit to longevity. This comes after earlier research seemed to indicate the opposite. We wish science would make up its mind.
We're used to thinking that men typically drink more than women. That's still true but it may not continue to be so if current trends are an indication of future behaviors. Based on survey data, nearly half of all women reported consuming alcohol within the previous month, a finding which is up from 10 years earlier. Meanwhile, for men, tipping a drink, dipped.
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We ve known for a long time that people can reduce their risk of cardiovascular events (heart attacks and strokes) if they habitually consume moderate amounts of alcoholic beverages no more than one or two standard drinks per day. But the data on stroke in particular have been somewhat inconclusive. Now a huge new meta-analysis demonstrates that some alcohol consumption may significantly reduce the risk of stroke.