alcohol use

More American drivers are dying in drug-related car crashes than they are from collisions involving just alcohol.
Once again, the echo-chamber nature of press releases serves to promote misleading science and internet "health news" clickbait. This time, it's with headlines claiming that tobacco – not marijuana – boosts early stroke risk. So is this fact or fiction? Let's take a look.
We're used to thinking that men typically drink more than women. That's still true but it may not continue to be so if current trends are an indication of future behaviors. Based on survey data, nearly half of all women reported consuming alcohol within the previous month, a finding which is up from 10 years earlier. Meanwhile, for men, tipping a drink, dipped.
Eating disorders are not often associated with young males, but a new study suggests that they may actually be more common than thought. However, the manifestation of the eating disorder may look a little