CDC Follies, part two. No, part three. Well, whatever: our nation s chief repository of biological threats (i.e. bioterror weapons, potentially) resembles the gang that couldn t shoot straight. They keep spreading lethal organisms around.
Attention has recently focused on a study of the genetic fingerprint, or DNA, of microorganisms found on and in NYC subways. Some genetic evidence of bacteria linked to bubonic plague and anthrax was found. Should New Yorkers (or anyone) be concerned about this? No.
Executive Summary  In the post-Sept. 11 era of terrorism, the federal government has placed great emphasis on the potential threat posed by smallpox as a biological weapon. This stress on smallpox, however, raises a serious question: Are other, perhaps more serious bioterrorism agents - particularly anthrax - being given the attention they deserve? Anthrax, in many respects, is an ideal bioweapon.