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Why is Europe persevering in restricting the use of agricultural biotechnology and why does it renounce its benefits?
For many years, the anti-GMO movement has advanced a compelling narrative about its struggle against the biotech industry—pejoratively referred to as 'Big Ag.' According to this story, organic food activists and environmental groups are independen
The anti-GMO movement is bizarre in so many ways.
Social media in general, and Twitter in particular, is an absolute sewer pipe.
Imagine wandering through the grocery store, and your eye catches a flashy label on a bottle of orange juice: "Does not contain CYANIDE." What would you think?
This is a really great day for evidence-based policy, which means it's a really bad day for environmental and anti-GMO activists.
At first glance, Russian trolls and the activist group Organic Consumers Association seem to have no connection whatsoever. But appearances can be deceiving.
How can you identify a scientifically ignorant person? Ask him if he's concerned about the health effects of GMOs. If the answer is yes, you've identified somebody who probably couldn't pass an 8th grade science test.