Everyone should have a primary care provider (PCP), but not everyone does. There are myriad reasons why: some choose not to go to the doctor (hello, young people); some can’t afford care; others may live in provider “deserts” such as rural areas. Whatever the reason, a growing movement exists to expand who can act as a PCP. Chiropractors have been a part of this expansion, but is that wise?
Active immunity means your body’s immune system gets revved up and primed by previous infection or exposure to vaccine antigens, whether it’s the real thing, i.e., getting sick with COVID, or via exposure to a human-made varietal from a vaccine (mRNA or conventional). Yet, somehow there’s this hue and cry that getting the real thing just isn’t as good as getting jabbed. Is it true? 
It seems that COVID-19 is, finally and hopefully, waning from the American scene. Before we face another wave or a new threat, it might make sense to review some of the legal fallout, notably the interplay between freedom of religion, the obligation of the state to protect public health, and the prevalence of changing attitudes championing solidarity versus those advocating autonomy.
A new pro-vaccine ad campaign in Australia targets the secret anti-science demographic known as "Whole Foods shoppers."
A new study in the journal Pediatrics shows that the Back-to-Sleep campaign, designed to reduce Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, is working. And as it turns out, the effort is also producing even more evidence that vaccines are safe.
Vaccine preventable diseases have made a recent comeback thanks to the anti-vax movement. However, recent data show that views among parents are changing and one new study points out the best way to convince them of the safety and efficacy of vaccines.
Most people believe that paid Conflict of Interest King Andrew Wakefield launched the anti-vaccination movement with his infamous Lancet article which described a purported relationship between vaccines and autism. However, the anti-vaccination movement is almost as old as vaccines themselves.
Remember when the Kennedy name used to mean something? Well toda