Europe’s proposed pull incentive for antibiotic R&D is a mixed bag ...
A European study found that 44% of "antibiotic-free" animal feed samples tested contained antibiotics.
The US Centers for Disease Control recently released its new report, Antibiotic Resistant Threats in the United States, 2019. ACSH Advisor Dr. David Shlaes discusses its pros and cons.
Ironically, from the bacterium's perspective, the very enzyme that it uses to protect itself from antibiotics becomes complicit in its own demise.
We have often written about the antibiotic crisis in which we now find ourselves. The main problem standing in the way of progress in the development of new, effective antibiotics seems to be that it s very expensive, and companies are not incentivized to invest time and money in this area. A blockbuster drug (e.g. Lipitor) has to
Bacterial resistance is a devastating problem for healthcare even now, especially in hospitalized patients. If current trends continue, we are all facing a real crisis. In an op-ed by former
Every now and then our government gets something right. This is one of those times. What is unfortunate is that it should have never come to this in the first place. Because 20 years ago our government got it really wrong, for which we are now paying a steep price.