Somewhere along the way, our achievable goal of "flattening the curve" for COVID-19 has mutated into "finding a cure," which is perhaps an impossible one. Public health and economic policy must be based on reality, not starry-eyed wish-making. Otherwise, people's lives and livelihoods are in grave danger.
There are many different ways to make a vaccine. Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi, Inovio, and Moderna are all taking different approaches to tackle COVID-19, the Wuhan coronavirus.
We were somewhat surprised to see today s recommendation by the CDC, which urged doctors to treat flu more aggressively. If only it were that simple. This advisory is a result of a bad flu season, coupled with a poor match of this year s vaccine with circulating influenza strains. The match is so poor that the CDC estimates that only about one-third of predominant strains are covered far worse than last year s vaccine, which was criticized for covering roughly 60 percent of strains.
A group of researchers from Umea University in Sweden published two related studies in their attempt to explore a link between infection