The researchers were interested in when journalists used more intuitive language associated with System 1 (gut, visceral) thinking instead of System 2 more analytic, balanced words.

One of the consequences of the confused and, at times, complicated messaging of our public health system and the 24-7-365 drumbeat of the media is that fear has been a primary driver during COVID times.

As I have written before, I have rather severe asthma, which has been under control due to some 

Imagine a world where no matter where you turn, albeit your phone, the television, social media or a billboard, you are confronted with happy, healthy and even marginally optimistic images or messages?

SPOILER ALERT: A key theme in the movie will be revealed in this article.

Depression and anxiety are not always easy to detect.

Are you afraid of spiders? You aren't alone. (Well, except when it's just you and the spider.)

With the story of the elaborate rescue operation of the soccer team trapped in the Thai Cave captivating the world, reporters have just revealed a new detail that many find surprising.

Graduate school can be extremely tough on students.

Anxiety is something that most everyone has experienced on some level. Anyone who has stress in their lives (and who doesn't?) can relate to some amount of anxiety.