The effects of a changing landscape on our friend, the bee, once again points at the subtle and not-so-subtle changes that can ripple through the ecosystem.
In what can be considered nothing short of a scientific quantum leap, it's been discovered that when you add hot water to wax it melts. Who knew? But a cadre of internet idiots would have you believe that the viral video of boiling water being poured onto an apple is evidence of toxic pesticides being released from the fruit rather than plain old melting wax. D.U.H.
Yawn. It s that time of year again. Perhaps for the lack of anything better to do, Ken Cook and his Environmental Working Group (EWG) merry men (and women) are celebrating World Let s Promote Ignorance Day, thanks to their annual Dirty Dozen list.
The latest in health news: long-lasting GM apples win the fight, while GMO labeling adds confusion for consumers, and added vitamins to foods does not make you eat a poor diet, despite what a NYTimes op-ed says.