Representing a cross between brilliant engineering and maximum product efficiency, in which the smallest particles of a valuable substance are put to extraordinary use, a team of scientists has created electrical wiring from the absolute smallest pieces of diamonds. How small, you ask?  The researchers used material called "diamondoids" – microscopic dust if you will, called "cages," that contain hydrogen and just 10 carbon atoms.
Fear of nuclear energy is ingrained in us, thanks to the A-bomb and the Cold War chill when nuclear winter seemed very real. Now however we should realize that nuclear energy means cleaner and actually safer energy for our growing needs, despite fear-mongering such as that in the Lancet last week.
ACSH advisor and expert on nuclear energy and ionizing radiation, Dr. Jerry Cuttler, gave a presentation at a recent 7th International School on Nuclear Power in Warsaw. His forceful, science-based campaign to demystify nuclear issues is a must-see.