Are bald men more likely to get severe COVID-19? There are more than 30,000 news stories about this, almost all of which without question, accept the findings of a flawed epidemiological study from Spain. Is this a valid conclusion? Let's ask a biostatistician.
Guys, don't eat Mickey D fries because you think your hair will grow back. It won't. You'll just look even more hideous than you do now. What's the deal with the magic fries chemical? Pretty clever, actually. 
A cure for baldness is desperately craved, and has long been chased by researchers. Current treatment options, measured by their effectiveness, run from pseudo-science to imperfect science. But a drug that's already approved for rheumatoid arthritis is showing great promise for treating the Battle of the Bald.
Drawing on her own personal experience with alopecia areata a condition resulting in the development of bald spots which can be especially devastating for women Dr. Angela Christiano, a