More than 40 million people across the country watched the Cubs win Game 7 of the World Series. Thinking about America in 1908, when the Cubs last were champs, could be one big reason why their story has resonated with the public. So we compared some of today's public health issues to those of 108 years ago. 
While new-rule skeptics and baseball purists are already howling that creating a time limit for pitchers will not speed up a Major League Baseball game enough to justify its creation, there's another precinct checking in to voice concern about the controversial proposal: medical science. New research suggests more pitcher injuries could result.
Major league ballplayers are nearly always treated well by their handlers and organizations, which see to it that their concerns are addressed to their satisfaction. And when that concern happens to be the Zika virus, you can bet that if they want to steer clear of even the smallest possible risk of exposure that is exactly what will happen. And it just did.
George Washington Carver, director of the department of agricultural research at the Tuskegee Institute, continues his