Now, Disney Princesses and films are under attack. We are straying further and further from what most impacts child development, as a source of adult challenges.
Some of our actions are habits, like putting the key into the ignition as soon as you get in the car. Yet other times we have to think about what we're doing. New research highlights the area of the brain that controls this process, and how it distinguishes between the two categories of actions.
Spend enough time with another person, and you begin to pick up their mannerisms. Such behavioral "synchronization" is a mechanism by which we build social cohesion. But what about across species? Turns out, at least as dogs are concerned, researchers found that they are in tune with their owners.
Woe be unto the males who make this grave mistake. New research in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B reveals that males who choose to sit out during such scuffles may be subjected later to domestic abuse.